SB 157 (Pipe Bill)

MSPE has been monitoring SB 157 since its introduction in February of 2017. Despite vocal opposition from local governments, local water authorities and engineers, SB 157 passed the Michigan Competitiveness Committee in March of 2017.

MSPE registered its opposition on the principle that decisions related to pipe material selection should be made by local governments based on the recommendations from their professional engineers. The attempts by powerful special interests from the chemical industry to require consideration of PVC material is unnecessary and could lead to costly litigation and infringes on local control.

MSPE has been working with a coalition of opponents to keep the legislation bottled up on the Senate Floor.  So far, our efforts have been successful. However, proponents of this harmful legislation remain vigilant in their efforts to win passage before the full Senate. They recently have released a new draft, SB 157 (S-3), under the guise that they have made compromising changes. Unfortunately, the new version represents NO compromise and is considered by many to be more harmful than earlier versions.

MSPE has learned that it is likely that the Senate Republicans are likely to caucus on SB 157(S-3) and could vote on it as early as Tuesday, February 13th.

NOW MORE THEN EVER— It is important to contact your state Senator and register your opposition to SB 157 (S-3).   If you are not sure of your Senator, please click here: and you will be prompted to input your home address and contact information and a link to your state Senator will be provided.

DON’T DELAY, please take a few minutes to call or send an email. Supporting materials/talking points are attached to this email to help formulate your discussion.

MI SB 157 Sub 3 Talking Points

Infographic Re SB 157

Talking Points