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MSPE held its first ever virtual conference on May 6-8, 2020. We were able to successfully record 13 sessions. You can now watch these sessions at your own convenience to earn PDHs!

How to Access Our On Demand Library

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If you registered for the virtual conference on May 6-8 you will have access to all on demand sessions at no additional charge. You can earn additional PDHs by watching the sessions you missed during the live event.

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PDH Details

After watching a session, you will be required to take a short 5-question quiz in order to obtain credit. You must pass the quiz by answering at least 4 questions correctly. If you do not pass the quiz you can retake it a to achieve a passing score. The link to each quiz can be found below each recording.

Once you’ve successfully completed the programs you wish to view and passed the associated quizzes you will receive a PDH certificate via email within 7 business days.

Available Programs

(A) Building a Bright Future: Michigan’s Clean Energy Plan (1 PDH)
Dennis Dobbs, Vice President of Enterprise Project Management and Environmental Services, Consumers Energy
In 2019, with input from customers and other stakeholders, Consumers Energy launched its Clean Energy Plan for Michigan. The plan will eliminate coal and meet 90 percent of the state’s energy needs with clean resources by 2040. Learn about the engineering challenges and opportunities surrounding the clean and lean energy future they’re building, the efforts to modernize the grid to accommodate new technologies, enable flexibility and reduce peak load, and the programs offered to residents and businesses to help them save energy and money.

(B) Legislative Update (1 PDH)
Leanne Panduren, PE, FNSPE, MSPE Legislative & Government Affairs Committee Chair
This session will provide an update on the 2019-2020 Michigan Legislative cycle including a recap of bills and activities the Legislative and Governmental Affairs Committee are tracking. It will also highlight how members can get involved to assist in working with their Legislators to support the profession.

(C) Innovations in Manufacturing and Product Development to Promote Green Infrastructure and Sustainability (1 PDH)
Mick Vargas, PE, Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.
The use of recycled plastic material in the manufacture of pipe for gravity flow storm sewer projects and other water management product applications is a growing trend in Michigan and throughout the U.S. This session will discuss research, processes, and technology regarding the conversion of over 400 million pounds of recycled plastic annually into highly engineered drainage products. Discussion topics will include the proper design of corrugated HDPE pipe using ASTM/AASHTO standards, construction methods, research, and case studies. Storm water management and water quality will also be included.

(D) Large Scale Solar Generation Planning and Design Considerations (1 PDH)
John Gauss, PE, Consumers Energy
The presentation will provide a brief overview of solar energy in Michigan and how it works. It will cover different considerations in how a site is planned and designed and the potential impacts from these decisions.

(E) Mackinac Bridge Then and Now (1 PDH)
Kim Nowack, PE, Mackinac Bridge Authority
This presentation will show straits area transportation before the bridge was built and in-depth descriptions of how the bridge was built. Also, learn about current events on the bridge and upcoming projects and challenges.

(F) Cherry Capital Airport Runway 10 Extension (1 PDH)
Bob Nelesen, PE, Prien & Newhof; Daniel Sal, CM, Cherry Capital Airport/Northwestern Regional Airport Commission; Nicholas Broad, PE, Elmer’s Crane and Dozer, Inc.
The Cherry Capital Airport embarked upon a decades long project to extend its primary air carrier runway. The culmination of this planning effort was a large construction project that needed to be completed in a very short amount of time. Hear about this project’s implementation from the Engineer’s, Owner’s, and Contractor’s viewpoints. Storm water management and water quality will also be included.

(G) Utility Scale Storage: Opportunities and Lessons Learned (1 PDH)
Nathan Washburn, PE, Consumers Energy
The presentation will provide a basic overview of why storage is important, lessons learned from a couple battery projects, and opportunities for future projects.

(H) Understanding Cyber Threats from A Hacker’s Perspective: How exposed is your business? (1 PDH)
John Keebler, Coalition, Inc.
Cyber risk continues to be a matter of critical importance for businesses of all sizes. This 60-minute webinar will focus on creating awareness around the exposures that companies face, the emerging cyber threats and trends, and highlighting some “best practices” that firms can adopt to improve their security posture.

( I ) Protect Your License (1 PDH)
Zeyn Uzman, PE, SE, PEng, F.NSPE, Uzman Engineering, LLC
This presentation explains three different cases where my engineering license was used without my knowledge to seal plans and reports. Each case was different in the extent of the fraud and the ramifications.

(J) NSPE Update/Engineering Ethics: The Basics (1 PDH)
Mark Golden, FASAE, CAE, CEO & Executive Director, NSPE
This presentation will focus on professional engineering ethics principles and concepts, including such topics as protection of the public health safety and welfare, professional competency, objectivity, truthfulness, confidentiality, conflicts of interests and emerging issues/challenges affecting the practice of engineering. Examples of ethical dilemmas will be reviewed and discussed.

Note: We have one session (K) that is not available on demand.

(L) PFAS: Breaking the Cycle of “Forever” Chemicals (1 PDH)
Mark Prein, PE, Prein&Newhof
Our understanding and knowledge for treating and managing PFAS compounds grows greater by the day. The “forever” characteristics within this family of chemicals creates significant challenges within the profession for designing systems that can break the cycle of these contaminants in our environments. The presenter will share some first-hand knowledge and experience his team has had working with these chemicals in all aspects of the civil engineering field.

(M) Innovative Access Solutions – What is new in the industry? (1 PDH)
James Cassell, EJ
Learn what is new and available in the infrastructure access industry, with real world applications and project successes. The next answer to your clients most difficult challenge could be at your fingertips. This presentation will cover multiple disciplines.

(N) 7 Deadly Sins of Email (1 PDH)
Jamie Piercy, Professional Concepts Insurance Agency
Emails are part of the oxygen of our daily professional lives. They are a primary path of communication and we use them to get things done. Yet given the litigious nature of our world, it is critical to treat this common form of communication with the attention it needs and think very carefully about what we write and why we write it. This three-part program presents examples of self-implicating and subsequently weaponized emails and guidelines for writing appropriate, shorter, clearer messages.