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October 1, 2018

Today is a very special day for the Michigan Society of Professional Engineers (MSPE). Our Executive Director resigned in April and we have been working hard to keep critical society items moving forward while trying to fill the Executive Director position. As a result, we have been operating with a skeleton staff of volunteers for the last 5 months. Various board members and committee chairman have been filling the management void.

On September 20th the MSPE Board of Directors voted to hire Frontline Company to manage our society. Frontline is an association management firm. This is a new direction for our society. While performing our search we were surprised to learn that most state engineering societies use association management firms in lieu of executive directors. Frontline Company is an Illinois based firm that manages both the Illinois and Indiana Societies of Professional Engineers. They are uniquely qualified to help MSPE get back to full speed and take us to the next level of member service. We are also excited about the new potential for collaborating with our neighbor societies in the NSPE Central Region.

Over the next few months we will be setting up some special board meetings to introduce Frontline to our full Board of Directors and state committee chairpersons. We hope to publish a fresh new society newsletter again too.

Thanks for your patience with us over the last few months. We think that the addition of Frontline to our team will be well worth the wait. Please join us in welcoming Frontline Company as they begin their new job today, October 1st, as the association managers for MSPE.

Scott Conners, P.E.
MSPE President, 2018/2019

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