Article 20 of Public Act 299 of 1980, as amended was created, to license and regulate the practice of professional engineering in Michigan. Article 20 defines professional engineering as professional services, such as consultation, investigation, evaluation, planning, design or review of material and completed phases of work in construction, alteration or repair in connection with a public or private utility, structure, building, machine, equipment, process, work or project when the professional service requires the application of engineering principles or data.

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs currently oversees the practice of approximately 20,274 licensed professional engineers.

Eligibility for Licensing

1.  Possess a bachelor’s or master’s degree from a school and program accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission/Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (EAC/ABET) or Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB).

2.  Possess at least 4 years of acceptable engineering work experience obtained after having received an acceptable bachelor’s degree.

3.  Pass the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) examination administered through the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES). The cost of the examination is $225.

4.  Pass the Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) examination administered through NCEES. The cost of the examination is $350.

5.  Submit an online application at or submit the Professional Engineer Application found at

•  Applicants must be of good moral character. The fee due at the time of application is $115.


Law Change Impacting Requirements for Licensure for Architects, Professional Engineers, and Professional Surveyors

Legislation effective April 4, 2017 has amended Article 20 of the Michigan Occupational Code (Code), 1980 PA 299. Pursuant to 2016 PA 435, Section 2005 of the Code, which prescribed examination requirements for architects, professional engineers, and professional surveyors, was repealed. 2016 PA 435 also reenacts criteria related to professional experience and education in the amendments to Section 2004.

2016 PA 435 changes the registration process for applicants who apply for a license in Michigan. The Department will no longer be required to pre-approve an applicant to take the PE, FS, or PS exams through NCEES. Due to the timing of the April 4, 2017 effective date, this will not impact the applicants taking the April 2017 NCEES PE exam. Also, the Department will no longer be required to pre-approve an applicant to take the Professional Surveyor Michigan Practice exam through PSI Services LLC.

This means that applicants must complete all education, experience and exam requirements prior to submitting a license application.

The requirement for five references has been eliminated, however, the applicant will have to document their professional experience on the application.

Applications will be active for one year from the receipt date, or last incomplete notice date, as pursuant to MCL 339.409(3) of the Code. Applications submitted prior to April 4, 2017 will continue to be active for 10 years from the receipt date of the application, or the date of the last incomplete notice.

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