What is an MSPE Fellow?

The MSPE Fellow membership was established in 1992 to honor those active Society members who have demonstrated exemplary service to their profession, the Society, and their community. Since its creation more than two decades ago, less than one percent of all MSPE members have advanced to this highest volunteer membership rank. Fellow members are entitled to use the designation Fellow MSPE or F.MSPE behind their name.

Article 1, Section 2(g) of MSPE’s Bylaws state “A Fellow Member shall be a Professional Engineer member of recognized high character with distinguished engineering achievements and who shall be elected Fellow only by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board.”
There have been 103 Fellows elected since the inception of the MSPE Fellow program, 49 of which are still currently active members.

What is the Assembly of Fellows?

The Assembly of Fellows are those members of MSPE who have been elected to the honorable position of Fellow. They meet at least once per year to act on nominations for Fellow Membership and such other appropriate business as may be brought to its attention.

What are the basic criteria for nomination as a Fellow Member?

  • The nominee must have been a Professional Engineer for at least 20 years.
  • The nominee must be a licensed Professional Engineer in Michigan with an active status.
  • The nominee must have been a MSPE member for at least 5 years.
  • The nominee must have a conspicuous record of achievement in professional affairs, including substantial interest and active work in MSPE at the Chapter, State, and/or National level.
  • The nominee’s integrity shall be beyond question.
  • The nominee’s professional reputation shall be more than local in character.
  • The nominee shall have been active in civic, community, and public affairs.

Who can nominate?

Nominations for Fellow Membership may be made by a Professional Engineer member of MSPE or by a Chapter.

How are nominations made?

Nominations shall be submitted using the following online form by November 1 of each year.

Who approves nominations? The Assembly of Fellows reviews the nominations and makes its recommendations to the MSPE Board of Directors. The MSPE Board of Directors shall endeavor to limit the number of Fellow Members to no more than two per year or 5% of the number of Professional Engineer Members in MSPE. Upon approval by the Board of Directors, new Fellow Members will be notified by email. The Fellow Member Induction is made at MSPE’s Annual Conference.

Does an MSPE Fellow automatically become a National (NSPE) Fellow?

No. The National (NSPE) Fellow is a different process that requires nomination of an individual who has already attained MSPE Fellow status from the state society and completion of an application (due every year by February 1). More information about National Fellows on the NSPE website can be found here: https://www.nspe.org/membership/about-nspe/leadership/fellow-membership-grade

MSPE Fellows

Harry Ball, PE*1992
Raymond Smit, PE1992
Harold Baar, PE1993
Theodore Dziurman, PE*1993
Robert Ellis, Ph.D., PE1993
Edgar Parks, PE*1993
Edward Prein, PE1993
Stanley Stynes, PE1993
Edwin Young, PE*1993
Walter Anderson, PE*1994
Charles Carr, PE*1994
Frank Denbrock, PE*1994
John Hornbach, PE1994
Christopher Kittides, PE1994
Lydia Lazurenko, PE*1994
David O'Neill, PE*1994
Merle Powers, PE*1994
Ralph Seeley, PE1994
John Selby, PE1994
Samuel Wartinbee, PE*1994
John Banicki, PE1995
Kenneth Cummins, PE1995
Martin Gabriel, PE1995
Don Giffels, PE1995
Ralph Stephenson, PE*1995
Everett Thompson, PE1995
John Woodford, PE*1995
Clair Aiken, PE*1996
John Barber, PE1996
Leonard Bell, PE1996
William Bier, PE*1996
Wladimar Boldyreff, PE1996
James Carr, PE1996
Ronnell Denhof1996
Herbert Dobbs, PE*1996
Lehmann Dunn, PE*1996
Ronald Flinn, PE1996
Ronald Hausmann, PE1996
Alfred McDaniel, PE1996
Ernest McCamman, PE1996
Wilson McQueen, PE1996
Jerome Neyer, PE1996
James Pollack, PE1996
Thomas Rozman, PE1996
Charles Scales, PE1996
Ervin Stahl, PE*1996
Don Templin, PE*1996
Benedict Tiseo, PE1996
Francis Widrig, PE*1996
Robert Williams, PE1996
James Hays, PE1997
Harold Josephs, PE1997
W. Thomas Munsell, PE1997
Donald Wilson, PE1997
Khalid Hindo, PE1997
Homer Miller, PE*1997
Robert Shedd, PE1997
Gordon Holness, PE1998
Daniel Lehnert, PE1998
John Russell, PE1998
Charles Rutherford, PE1998
William Saul, Ph.D., PE1998
Curtis Tompkins, Ph.D., PE1998
Robert Daverman, PE*1999
Paul Denn, PE*1999
Jack Kerns, PE*1999
Toto Marzotto, PE1999
Gerald Belian, PE2000
Thomas Healy, PE2000
James Kolb, PE2000
David Mester, PE2000
Zoran Novak, PE2000
William H. Beauchamp, P.E., EdD2001
Dennis Elsholz, PE2001
Allan Kinney,PE*2001
Charles Wallin, PE2001
Richard Gabrielse, PE*2002
John Kraus, PE2002
William MacMillan, PE2002
Donald Malinowski, PE2002
Joellen Thompson, PE2002
Robert Vensas, PE2002
Bob Buell, PE2003
Mike Fuller, PE2003
Bob Rabeler, PE2003
Raymond Tadgerson, PE2003
Donald Bramlett, PE2004
Charles Brown, PE2007
Thomas Clark, PE2004
Mumtaz Usmen, Ph.D, PE2004
Keith Swaffer, PE2007
Barry Buschmann, PE2008
Donald Link, PE2008
Leanne Panduren, PE2009
Jeffrey Elliott, PE2013
Eric Johnson, PE2014
Douglas Thompson, PE2014
Richard Cottrell, PE2015
Nancy McClain, PE2015
Martha Thompson, PE2015
J. Fernando Arze-Peredo, PE2016
Thomas Byle, PE2016
John Condie, PE2017
James Kirkwood, PE2017
Donald F. Nedervelt, PE2018
Nijam Robert Uddin, PE2018
Christopher Cruickshank, PE2020
David Shafer, PE2020
------------ NSPE Fellows ------------
William H. Beauchamp, P.E., EdD2001
Harry R. Ball, PE*2002
Harold D. Barr, PE2005
Gerald M. Belian, PE2005
Richard S. Gabrielse, PE*2005
John L. Hornbach, PE2005
Christopher P. Kittides, PE2005
Tito R. Marzotto, PE2005
Zoran Novak, PE2005
William E. Saul, PE2005
Raymond J. Smit, PE2005
Ralph J. Stephenson, PE*2005
Edwin H. Young, PE*2005
Leanne Panduren, PE2009
Nancy McClain, PE2015
Martha Thompson, PE2015
N. Robert Uddin, PE2020