25th Annual Architects, Engineers & Surveyors Legislative Day

Wednesday, March 17, 2020

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Issues and Agenda

MSPE monitors all legislation for relevance to the engineering profession. MSPE also seeks to introduce new legislation to improve the practice of professional engineering. With an active grassroots effort, we focus our members on meeting with their legislators in their district and at scheduled meet and greets throughout the year. We strive to be a resource to our legislators for any topic relating to professional engineering.
Key Issues include:

Infrastructure Investment
MSPE supports investment that meets Michigan’s growing infrastructure needs – for bridges, tunnels, energy, roads, transit, airports and water systems.

Liability Reforms
Frivolous lawsuits drive up the cost of doing business and clog our court systems. MSPE supports legislation to reduce this abuse.

Fair Contracts/Proper Indemnification
Professional Engineers should be held responsible for the services they provide, but they cannot be held responsible for the liability of others.

Statewide Use of Qualifications-Based Selection
Procurement of design professions (engineers, architects & surveyors) should include a selection process that evaluates qualifications and experience. All public agencies should use QBS (versus low bid) for the best value and to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public.

Additional Information:
Contact your State Legislator - Click here for contact information.


PAC contributions are a direct way for MSPE members to get involved in the political process. Our funds aid the campaigns of those candidates that support creating and maintaining quality infrastructure, excellence in design, and the development of a thriving business environment. Your contribution, when coupled with those of your colleagues, allows you to have a tremendous impact in the state legislature.
To make a contribution, please download the PAC contribution form and submit it to the MSPE office with your personal check.