Letter from the MSPE President

After many strategic planning meetings last year, I was left with one remaining question, what is the identity of MSPE? Our organization is comprised of a diverse group of individuals who represent engineers in construction, private practice, government, higher education and industry and across many disciplines. I have asked myself many times, “does MSPE have one uniting principle?” As I continued to ask myself why this organization exists, it led me to ask why does our organization do the things it does, and what is our motivating factor? After a year’s worth of deliberation I settled on one principle that eclipses all others and separates us from all other professional organizations. It is the single item that brings all of us together as members of MSPE; it is the license and what it represents. MSPE Vision: To proMote licenSure within the Profession of Engineering and elevate the awareness of the continued service by licensed professionals in the public sphere. The license and responsibility that it carries to the public permeates every aspect of our organization. It is evident in our installation of officers. Our officers recite the engineer’s creed as they swear in. They take oath to pursue “the advancement and betterment of human welfare.” As members of MSPE this is taken further by taking an oath to support our fellow leaders in the field of engineering. All of our committee decisions are guided by this principle as well. Recently, the Governor’s office has recognized the importance of the professional engineer by issuing a proclamation for August 2, 2017 as Professional Engineer’s day. This day presents a great opportunity for our organization to share our vision with our fellow engineers and the general public and echo the governor’s proclamation. As the president of MSPE, I implore our members to carry this message forward with pride. Sincerely, Robert T. Wheeler, PE President august letter from the president