Column: End the political games over water pipes

By: Stephen V. Pangori The Internet is amazing. With just a few clicks, we have the entire spectrum of human knowledge at our fingertips. As much as that can be a boon, it is equally a detriment. There are certain things that should only be handled by well-trained and experienced professionals. One of those things is deciding what materials to use when replacing aging water and wastewater systems. The pipes that convey clean drinking water to our homes and carry wastewater away are critically important to the health and well-being of our communities. As our elected officials grapple with how best to spend local and federal dollars to repair and replace bridges, roads and pipes, they will seek the advice of engineers, planning officials and industry leaders to advise them. The state Legislature is debating legislation that will force municipal planners and engineers to give preference to certain pipe materials, regardless if they’re up to the job or not. Check out this story on