November Letter from the President

As Thanksgiving comes closer I am reminded of the things that I am thankful for. I have shared my story of involvement with many of our members before, but I feel it necessary to reiterate it. I am thankful to Fernando Arze-Peredo for introducing me to such a great organization. I had no idea that MSPE would provide me the opportunity for professional and personal growth, and challenges when I signed up 10 years ago.

I am also thankful to the great leaders who serve on the MSPE board and committees at the state and chapters. Many of our members deal with work life balance issues for their compensated work. Yet every year we manage to find volunteers to carry the torch of our organization. They continue to give their best effort to the needs of this organization and ultimately to the public. I am honored to serve such a great group of people.

The end of year also brings membership renewals for many of our members. Our membership committee has been re-engaging at the state and chapter levels to make sure that every member is aware of their renewal. Renewal invoices are sent from NSPE and will arrive via email, so please be on the lookout for that notice.

Membership retention is important to our organization for a number of reasons. I am certain that the first thing that comes to mind is that we need your money…true. However, there is another, vastly more important reason. It is important to pay your dues so we have solid membership numbers when we advocate for the engineering industry. There are real costs to promoting the profession and educating the public.

Legislators and other state officials frequently ask how many members we represent when discussing issues important to the industry. We need to be able to tell them that we represent a significant number of the licensed professional engineers in Michigan. There is power in numbers. Please help us build the ranks to enable us to carry our message to legislators.

Another reason that membership is important is to provide networking opportunities in our organization. MSPE members are an important part of my professional network. As Professional Engineers we need to associate with other Professional Engineers because we know that they are held to a high standard and are the best people to work with.

Please take the time consider what you can do for our organization to honor those that have served in the past. And of course, renew your dues and encourage other PE’s to take a look at MSPE see what we have to offer!


Robert T. Wheeler, PE